Thursday, September 18, 2014

Men...and Feelings

Lately I am noticing an increase in the depth of emotion being expressed by men - on social media, within traditional media, and in my circle of family and friends. So many men are stepping up and out, being vulnerable and open-hearted, showing their sensitive, caring, kind, nurturing, protective, wounded, healed and healing selves. I feel so heartened by this. 

Women are expressing more openly too, yet generally speaking we have had other outlets: our friends, sisters, mothers, aunties and our journal if nothing else. This public emotional shift in men that we are seeing is a relatively new thing, and it heralds a much-needed shift regarding acceptance when it comes to feelings being expressed, heard and valued - whether by men or women. 

For too long, our world has been out of balance, as have we within. Generally speaking, we've operated with an aggressive masculine and repressed feminine, as a planet and as a people, regardless of gender. We have entered a time now where everything is entering a new balance - as chaotic as it all seems, this is what is happening and indeed chaos is a natural short-term by-product of moving into a state of balance from a state of imbalance. 

So the feminine is regaining her power, and the masculine is stepping into his heart. This is gradually happening within every individual as we all have feminine and masculine energy within us. We will see more and more people in positions of power leading from the heart. We will see more and more heart-centred people facilitating powerful change from a grass-roots level. We are seeing more people reaching out to each other, to connect, to help, to be of support where needed. 

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15-44, and while there are a multitude of reasons for this, having someone to be able to talk to - and to have that person listen without judgement - is a crucial factor in prevention. 

Today, salute your feelings and those of other people. Have a chat to someone if you need to, and provide an ear to listen for someone who needs it. x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Peace starts within

If we want peace on the entire planet, then each country must be in a state of peace. For each country to be in a state of peace, each community in that country must be living peacefully, in harmony with each other. For a peaceful community, each family within that community must be at peace among themselves. For a peaceful family, each person who belongs in that family must have peace within their own hearts. Rather than process this with your mind, and immediately accept or reject it, feel it with your heart and look into your own life to see whether or not it rings true for you.
Think about your family, or the people you share a home with. Have you ever been in a situation where the entire household is disrupted just because one member is causing chaos with their outbursts of anger, violent behaviour, negative patterns and habits, or sullen moodiness? It is impossible to sustain an aura of calm peacefulness in that home, regardless of how peace-loving and peace-seeking the other family members are. More often than not, the behaviour of the one triggers reactive behaviour in another and the domino effect begins. 

Now we go out into the community where all the families have gathered for a meeting. They speak about the need for peace within that community, but each family is privately and quietly in a state of disharmony, wounded by the battles of the days and nights before. They have arrived with good intentions, they truly do desire peace, but their energy speaks louder than words. Each family circle has brought with it its own brand of turbulence, thus the community as a whole is awash with instability.

Next, all communities across the country gather in an attempt to discuss their various ideas and needs. However, they have all brought with them the tension that resides within that community. Talks stall and arguments break out, they find it hard to come to any sort of agreement.

The countries come together, in a last ditch effort to communicate with each other. The countries are in a state of emergency by now, frustrated by their inner turmoil. The countries start hurling abuse at one another, throwing blame at whoever triggers them the most, for the problems they are experiencing. They all believe they didn’t start the fight, and they all believe they want peace, and in a way they are right. In another way, they need to take responsibility. We all need to take responsibility.

We have all played our part in creating the disharmony. We have all been that person in that family who by a word or action created unrest and sadness, hurt and anger, because that is how we felt inside ourselves. We are united today in a call for peace, and we are all equally responsible for creating that peace. Don’t just think peace or wish for peace, live it with every thought, word and action. 

 - Excerpt from A New Chapter, Dana Mrkich

Do you need a 'fear' energy shower?

We are currently hearing about so many acts and intentions of extreme violence. This is on top of the mountain of abuse being uncovered that has been perpetuated for decades by those whose job it was to protect innocents. These issues are all separate, yet connected by a common thread which at the end of the day is a violation of everyone's right to live freely, in peace, not doing harm to others, with sovereignty over their own body and life. 

Current events can make you feel like the darkness is winning, and that the world is being over-run by madness. Fear and a general feeling of yuckiness is in the air, so it's a good time to give yourself an energy shower. I am not saying to dig our heads in the sand about what is happening. Quite the opposite, clearing ourselves of fear helps us to see, feel and act with greater clarity and effectiveness, while fear makes one feel helpless, hopeless, and can have a debilitating 'I just want to crawl into foetal position' affect on us (unless you are in immediate danger in which case it triggers the important fight or flight survival instinct). 

With fear: just feel yourself breathing it out, showering it off you, smudging it away, and as you do so ask to see and feel clearly so that you may act powerfully in a good way. 'Action' comes in many forms. For some it is via silent prayer, for others it is via getting information out, providing inspiration via your creativity, donating, volunteering, providing on the ground aid, spreading your happiness around, there are as many forms of action as there are beings on this planet. 

Please feel free to share a happy, feel good story, photo or joke in the comments below - we could all use some Lighten-ing up!! xx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Solar Flares Anonymous!

The Sun has released some powerful solar flares over the past few days - an X flare and a few M flares, and I've noticed something really interesting over the last couple of months. 

In years gone by these flares would really rock us, whereas now a flare helps me feel balanced and more alive. Even if it triggers things to the surface, it's over with quite quickly and I emerge out the other side feeling a lot clearer and even re-invigorated, refreshed and re-enthused about life. 

I find the days with no flares to feel very hibernative (which we also need, but there is such a thing as cabin fever or retreating so far inward as to feel like you're flat-lining). When lots of big flare-free days build up there's a palpable feeling of tension building - so I kind of find myself hanging out for a major eruption! Hopefully this isn't some kind of addiction - Solar Flares Anonymous anyone? - but just a natural, healthy response to what is much needed vitalising energy coming to us via the Sun. 

Obviously becoming dependent on anything external for a shot of vitality isn't in alignment with 'it's all within' but I just had to be honest and say I'm loving the flares lately! This doesn't mean it's all been happy happy joy joy - it's definitely triggered some stuff taking things to a new and ultimately healthier level - but they just feel so efficient, productive and encouraging. 

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sensory overwhelm

Sensory overwhelm. Those are just two of the many words I could use to describe the past few weeks. You may have found yourself consciously, or subconsciously, unplugging from as much of the world as possible (I definitely have been!) with less time on social media, more time at home or wanting to be at home while elsewhere, and a general feeling of being in hibernation/inner retreat mode. So many people have been sick with colds and flu’s, enforcing rest time where perhaps you wouldn’t have otherwise taken the opportunity.            
            The world is so loud right now, and is getting louder in every possible way. You might feel as if one minute we were sitting in a dimly lit room with candles and mood music, and the next someone came along, switched on all the lights to high beam, threw on some hardcore heavy metal music and ramped it to full volume.
Everyone has an opinion on everything, and is emotionally invested in those opinions. This isn’t a bad thing – it’s better than everyone being in apathy – and lord knows everyone has been told for years “speak your truth!”, and  “find your voice!” but the current manifestation of it is akin to having a room full of television sets all playing different channels at volume.  
Whether as the one expressing or receiving a message, it is usually the case that we are expressing in that moment, or seeing in that moment, only one side of what is always a four sided box.  Yet many of us lately are boxing others, or being boxed, based on that one expression.  It feels like no-one can say or do anything without someone taking offence.  It’s as if someone has sprinkled ‘judgement’ dust in the air!
Mention being centred, and someone will jump on you saying it’s not good to repress your feelings. Talk about feeling your frustration, and you’ll receive a lecture on rising above your feelings.  Voice support for a particular plight, and there’ll be someone saying but what about this plight and that one? I caught myself having some ‘seeing only one side of the box’ moments, and it was unpleasantly uncomfortable emotionally when I realised how in that moment I was so focused on one aspect of an issue that it blinded me temporarily to the many other sides.
I was shocked because I’ve always been all about seeing all the sides (which has made for a lifetime of taking forever to make a decision!). I have not liked being judged or boxed, or to have someone being so committed to their stance that they refuse to see where someone else is coming from. That moment of being temporarily blinded to the other sides of the box, allowed me to see in a clearer way than ever how easy it is to be blinded, and to be Judgy McJudgy Pants. If you have found yourself going into judgement or being triggered by things, try to take a moment to ask yourself: okay, what sides of the box may I not be seeing here?
As the light intensifies on this planet, everything intensifies. Love and gratitude take on a whole new level, yet anything still in our shadow along with any emotions we feel or are holding, are also amplified.  So even these judgy moments, whether we’re expressing them or are being the recipients of them, are serving a purpose in the sense that they are shining a light onto other sides of the box – ultimately helping us own more of our wholeness as individuals and as a collective.  However, it takes awareness to see these moments this way. What we are instead seeing a lot of is people responding to this energy with anger, hurt, violence, depression or such overwhelm that they feel like checking out.  
The light that is here, and within you, is facilitating a massive transformation for everyone and everything on this planet, and that is a good thing but not an easy thing.  Be discerning with how you choose to participate in the current demolition site/renovation process that is our current personal and global reality. There is no right or wrong, better or worse way. Everyone has a different role to play, and your role may change from one day to the next. A burst of motivated action may give way to weeks spent hiding out from the world, only to re-emerge revitalized and refreshed. Try not to judge yourself, or others, during this process.  Everyone is at a different stage, and even that is too ‘linear’ a way to look at things suggesting some are ‘ahead’ while others are ‘behind’.  The truth is, almost all of us are ‘ahead’ in some ways yet still awakening when it comes to certain aspects within us or certain aspects of reality.
Take good care of yourself right now.  Eat, drink and do nourishing things for yourself. If the external is too noisy, take time out. For the sake of our emotional and mental health, many of us are needing right now to unplug from the old reality group consciousness, and that can leave you feeling like you are hanging out in a void, connected to nothing and no-one.  You are not in a void, but yes it feels like one because we are not used to not being attached to what was a very dense reality. 
Freedom can feel strange. It can bring up grief, and feelings of betrayal: like you are betraying those still in the old reality if you ‘unplug’. ‘Unplugging’ doesn’t mean total disconnection from global goings on. Quite to the contrary, from a clear, centred ‘unplugged from the drama/plugged into your centre/source energy’ space, you will naturally feel into things you can do be it sending a prayer of love and peace, making certain shopping or lifestyle decisions that support a healthy global community or any one of a million other ways you can use your energy for good.
You may feel you have been betrayed as the world around you doesn’t match what you thought it would look like by now. I have moments of feeling like that too, but at the end of the day when you go into your heart, and you ask your own soul: “Why are we all here? Where is all this leading?” you will receive words, guidance, a feeling or visuals to help you understand, and encourage you to keep moving forward. Don’t take my word for it, or anyone else’s, otherwise you will have nothing to hold onto in those moments when you feel disillusioned. It is so important for you to connect with your own heart, your own centre, and your own inner voice of wisdom and guidance.

All this can be summarised in just a few words really:

Love. Be in it. Give it to yourself and others. Receive it. 

That’s all.

© Dana Mrkich 2014


Monday, August 25, 2014

Sun's Mojo re-ignites our mojo

If you've felt like you've been losing it over the last few days (losing your temper/patience/marbles), or flip-flopping from inner crisis to outer explosion to inner calm to outer excitement you're not alone. 

The Sun has found his mojo again with a series of M-class flares since last Thurs/Fri with the most powerful of those recorded today. I've caught myself thinking 'I can't have another coffee I'm still buzzing from the one this morning" only to realise I didn't have one in the morning! That's how solar energy can feel - like adrenalin rushing through you. 

We've come to a time where push has turned to shove when it comes to being/doing that which is truly in alignment with our truth, our heart, and our most authentic feelings. This isn't necessarily about having grand epiphanies about why you're here - rather it is the day to day way you go about living life that is being pulled into sharp focus. When the day to day is clear, it tends to naturally lead you to whatever your 'big picture' path is. 

I've found that I can no longer ignore those little (big) inner nudges that have been saying: close your eyes and have a few minutes at least of meditation time every day, drink more water, get to bed earlier, get into the appreciation/gratitude zone when you need to feel centred, and read things that you feel inspired by not agitated by. Those are all little things but accumulated over many weeks and months, they create the 'big picture' landscape of my health/clarity/energy flow/receptivity to higher guidance and so on. 

What have your inner nudges been telling you lately? You might be feeling called to make some changes in your routine or diet, to add, change or delete some things off your schedule or daily menu. Write a list today of those things that have been tapping you on the shoulder, and commit to doing at least a few. 

How are you feeling, and what is on your list?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014